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mediasmart and Navegg partner to offer to advertisers Navegg ID’s segmentation natively through first seem integration in the LATAM Region

Navegg and mediasmart, a unified programmatic platform, have announced a partnership to offer its clients more options in advanced targeting, the ...

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    mediasmart raises additional capital to reach one million Euro in funding

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on July 11, 2013

    With the backing of well known investors in Europe, such as Kibo Ventures y KOMM, mediasmart doubles its initial investment of 500.000€. After one year in the market, the mobile advertising optimization platform has access to more tan two billion ad impressions per month in Spain, it processes about 5,000 bids per second and it has managed campaigns for such well known brands as Nissan, Vueling, Samsung or Mahou, to mention a few.

    mediasmart, the Spanish company focused on optimizing the media buying process for mobile display, has completed a new round of financing with which it reaches one million Euro raised so far. With this new round, the company looks to consolidate its leadership position in the Spanish market, and to strengthen its technical platform.

    During this past year mediasmart has tripled its workforce, growing the development team, hiring campaign analysts and account managers, and creating a client services department. mediasmart offers both a personalized service and unique technology based on programmatic media buying (RTB), which makes buying decisions considering post-click events with a tangible value for advertisers: qualified visits, video views, calls, online registrations, visits to a physical store, etc…

    The company, which works both with advertisers and media buying agencies, has successfully managed campaigns for such well known brands as Vueling, Nissan, Samsung or Mahou, using its proprietary technology platform, mediasmart. mediasmart is based in Spain, but thanks to mediasmart´s scalability, it has already launched campaigns in other countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Portugal or USA. In addition to the advantage of optimizing media buying based on results, mediasmart can target campaigns to specific audiences, and segment based on mobile specific variables, such as the user´s location, the device and the type of connection the user is using to see the ad.

    Our platform learns from the user behavior and allows us to do predictive targeting. When buying media, it not only has into account contextual information, but also the historical information for that particular user and for the campaign, so that the price offered for each impression depends on the probability of that impression turning into the engagement we are looking for in the campaign - explains Noelia Amoedo, mediasmart´s CEO.

    During its first months mediasmart has grown a lot, multiplying its revenues by four. It offers access to more than two billion impressions per month in Spain, both within native applications and mobile web (in smartphones and tablets), having grown from half a million a year ago. mediasmart manages about 5,000 bids per second right now, and its scalable architecture is ready to easily increase this number with demand.

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