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    #NewHireDiaries: What it's like to work for us!

    Lakshya Suneja
    Posted by Lakshya Suneja

    As a part of our #NewHireDiaries initiative, let’s hear from our new Assistant Manager - Content Marketer, Lakshya, and Client Service - Senior Manager, Younès, about their experience of working with us so far!

    Lakshya Suneja - Assistant Manager, Content Marketer


    Lakshya_New Hire Diaries

    I was traveling back and my flight was delayed by an hour when I got a call from mediasmart’s HR. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to discuss the role of Content Marketing.

    A month later, they selected me.

    The entire marketing and sales team was very kind and genuine while interviewing me. They wanted to know me personally and professionally to understand if I was the right cultural fit for them.

    The interview process was different and that’s what interested me, making me believe that I will have an excellent career journey with mediasmart.

    Need I say, I was onboarded smoothly, was asked for timely feedback to help me work better and virtual meetups made me excited to see and learn about other people and culture.

    After a month of my joining, I remember I got an interview call from my dream company, and I turned it down very confidently. It was that moment when you realize you have got a better place to be and sometimes, what you keep desiring is not always what you need.

    They say, millennials stay longer if they like their bosses. My manager taught me everything from zero since I was new to the mobile advertising industry. She never made me feel that we were in different time zones by planning everything in advance and was very patient in clearing my doubts. She made sure I had diverse projects to handle and sufficient time to complete them. Both things improved the quality of work I had to deliver, and we brought some amazing ideas to the table together. She also taught me that taking vacations was a practice every employee needs to return and work productively. It should not only include sick and emergency leaves – the concept I was far away from.

    I feel calm, comfortable, and happy when I work with mediasmart. I am glad to join a company that is growing with an engaging, collaborative team that is willing to do whatever it takes to get things done.


    Younès Megrouh - Senior Manager, Client Services

    Younes_New Hire Diaries


    I was an active user of the mediasmart platform as a media trader and would sit back and appreciate the makers of it. As a user, I felt the platform was built with a futuristic approach, especially the USP as a 100% cookie-less Demand Side Platform. 

    Now, as a happy employee working behind the scenes of building the products at mediasmart, I look back at how I always wondered about the workings of a DSP while on the other side of the fence and it is truly fascinating! I reinvent and restructure the parts of this platform to make it even better for the best use of our customers. 

    If I summarize my experience with mediasmart, I will say – Learning, Collaboration, Family, Innovation, and Teamwork. It's been two months since I joined Mediasmart and since the first day, I feel like I belong to a big family of experts. I have seen people listening attentively to my ideas, helping me implement them and improve together as a team and on product knowledge.

    I feel the diversity of people working from different time zones and states is multiple treasure for the company.

    mediasmart's employees feel happy to work with us since the day of their joining. Come join us!"

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