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    #NewHireDiaries: One year in!

    Olatz Goicoechea
    Posted by Olatz Goicoechea

    As part of the #NewHireDiaries initiative and on the verge of making it to the one year mark, the rockstar Account Executives from our Client Services team, Asier González Cervantes and Manuel Gómez-Miranda, want to share with you their experience working on our team. 

    Asier González Cervantes - Account Executive, Client Services

    NewHireDiaries banners-1"When looking for a position, with my adventure in Kenya over, one of my preferences was that it should be at a Technology company. I have always felt comfortable in this world and I was looking for a sector with a high potential where being settled in now will pay off in the future. Since I had no work experience in this field, I was not looking for a company that was too big - where my work would be basic or that there would be no room for advancement. Lastly, I was looking for a place with a young, lively and exciting working atmosphere.

    Almost a year after, I can tell you that by joining mediasmart as a Client Service Account Executive I got it absolutely right!

    In the beginning, joining was a big challenge as I had only experienced the digital marketing sector from the outside and, although I was very interested in this world, I did not yet have the knowledge to work in it. However, when I started working these doubts were dispelled as the team was totally open to helping me and we even made plans outside the office from the very first day to get to know each other better.

    During the first weeks, I got the needed trainings, from the most basic concepts to the processes to follow to help with any need that our clients might have. As I gained more knowledge, I was assigned clients whose campaigns were more complex to manage and I understood better all the ins and outs of the company: proximity and app promotion campaigns, how to optimize the results of a campaign, the relationship with the DMPs, etc.

    Today, after almost a year in the company, I have my own portfolio of clients from all over the world and I keep learning new things almost every day. Moreover, I am lucky enough to work with lovely teammates that I can already consider friends. As I mentioned before, mediasmart was the right choice for me!"


    Manuel Gómez Miranda - Account Executive, Client Services

    NewHireDiaries banners (1)

    " It seems like it was yesterday when I was first introduced to the words ‘Demand Side Programmatic Platform’ and to this exciting and growing project which is mediasmart. But here I am one year after joining this wonderful team; thrilled to see what this second year will bring.

    We have a family atmosphere. People are wonderful and everyone on our team cares about helping each other achieve our collective goals. The bowling days, dinners and gatherings that we do every now and then are always good fun and a great opportunity to get to know those that work abroad or from home!

    Moreover, I enjoy the flexibility we have which has allowed me to take work everywhere I go from London to Los Angeles, but there is nothing quite like the comfort and atmosphere of our Madrid office!

    In a nutshell, the work culture of mediasmart is unique, making everyone feel a sense of belonging since day 1. Come join us!"


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