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    Mobile internet access increases in the summer

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    The available inventory has increased by 23% in July with respect to the average of the 3 preceding months, according to data from the mediasmart platform.

    Almost all consumer habits of Spaniards change during summer and vacation.  One of the most noticeable is Internet access. While during the rest of the year the computer is the most used device to go online, in July and August the use of Internet access in mobile devices increases, as has been observed by the mediasmart´s **team through their mediasmart platform, which optimizes the purchase of display media in smartphones and tablets and identifies user preferences with respect to advertisements in such devices.

    During the summer, the space available for brands to reach users through mobile Internet – either in mobile web or mobile apps – increases at least by 23%. Also, the traffic profile for mobile Internet changes geographically, with a marked increase in connections from coast and touristic areas (see map).

    Because of this, and because it would be reasonable to assume that in leisure moments users are more willing to “explore”, it would be advisable for brands to allocate a larger percentage of their budget to mobile marketing during the summer, if they wish to maximize the reach of their advertising actions.

    The mediasmart platform targets audience and optimizes based on the combination of historical data from user profiles (interests, mobile operator, etc.) with context elements such as the publisher they are browsing, the time of day or the GPS position – this last one is a unique element of mobile marketing and a very powerful tool of present day advertising.

    Internet on the phone: From information to purchase

    Currently, 74% of smartphone users go online daily and 83% of those see the mobile ads that appear in their screens, according to a recent study by Ipsos, ‘Our mobile planet’, which also points out that 80% of users have looked for a product or service in their smartphone.

    Additionally, in 41% of the cases the search from a mobile device develops into an online purchase. In this way, mobile advertising is creating a consumer trend in Spain, which is reflected in that 63% of the users who make purchases from their smartphones buy products from the phone at least once a month

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