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    #NewHireDiaries: One Year in with Raquel Miguel

    Posted by Monalisa Roy

    mediasmart has been working on LATAM expansion for over a year now. For today’s new hire diaries we have someone special from the LATAM team who has been with us for a year now.  Her pivotal position as a Sales Manager has played a vital role in ensuring client satisfaction and driving the company's success.

    Although she was formerly a lawyer, she found her passion in working for startups and technology. She worked with major companies such as Groupon, Eventbrite, Admotion, Afilio, Optimise, Criteo, among others. Drawing up on her 13 years of experience in Sales, Raquel Miguel has brought a significant wealth of expertise to this role. 

    Raquel image“Without a doubt, one of the most important factors for me, in every decision to take on a new challenge, is understanding the company's ecosystem as a whole, not only in terms of evaluating the solutions and technologies that the company offers but also, and especially, the company culture, the vibe of the people who make up the team, etc. When I started my process at mediasmart, I confess that I already had great reasons for wanting to be part of the team, as the person who would be my direct manager is someone I had worked with in the past and had great professional admiration for, Taisa is brilliant!

    With an incredible team of people passionate about what they do, extremely hands on and a robust hub of solutions and technologies that range from building special audiences, cross-screen deliveries (CTV / DOOH/ Mobile) to drive to store, I have no doubts that I made the right choice to embrace this new challenge and be a part of this family. Here's to many years in this beautiful house filled with incredible people and disruptive technologies.” said Raquel

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    “The Brazilian ad tech market has shifted dramatically. Under the exceptional guidance of Raquel, we've witnessed remarkable client retention and growth in the LATAM region. Her dedication and expertise have been instrumental in expanding our presence and solidifying our position in this crucial market. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with her continued involvement in the mediasmart team." said Taísa Pereira, Country Manager LATAM

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