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    mediasmart reinvents the banner with cinematic 3D effects

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    mediasmart, a company that optimizes mobile media buying with its leading mobile DSP (Demand Side Platform), has launched a revolutionary format with cinematic 3D effects.

    This new banner offers a unique opportunity to increase awareness and performance, helping brands get noticed, especially now that we face the Christmas season.

    Increasing brand recognition and user engagement are some of the main benefits of the new format. It also helps achieve higher CTR (Click-through rate) ratios compared to traditional banner and, therefore, it delivers higher conversion rates.

    mediasmart launches this advanced solution in partnership with with Full Moon Advertising, and it is exclusive provider of this technology in the mobile space in Spain and UK. With the 1.0 version, now available, advertisers can choose almost one hundred three-dimensions animations with different themes: from a paper plain to the water fill effect.

    “With the exponential rise of mobile campaigns, we are consuming more and more brands ‘on-the-run’ so, this is a huge opportunity for our clients to differentiate themselves,” says Julio Aguayo, International Business Development at mediasmart. “With Christmas right around the corner, this really is the perfect time to launch this revolutionary format and see what it can do for branding and CTR. As mobile consumption increases and devices get better resolution, it is really exciting to see how mobile campaigns evolve”, he points.

    “We are delighted to launch this revolutionary format with a company like mediasmart, an expert making mobile advertising more efficient. Its strong reputation and huge knowledge make it the partner of choice to innovate in this industry”, explains Full Moon Adversting.

    Constant Innovation

    The launch of cinematic 3D effects follows mediasmart strategy of delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clients. Along this line, the company has recently introduced the ability to programmatically buy native ads, as well as dynamic banners that change according to user’s geographic location.

    “We strive to offer our clients the best service and the best advertising solutions, committing to results and real effectiveness, beyond a simple number of clicks or impressions. Mediasmart´s goal is to take advantage of technology to let advertisers connect with their target audience: those really interested in their product or service” Noelia Amoedo, CEO of mediasmart, explains.

    “The mix of these new and attractive formats with the effectiveness of mediasmart, our proprietary DSP platform designed for mobile programmatic buying, is the perfect combination for success in mobile marketing and makes mediasmart the best option for any brand that wants to connect with their audience on mobile devices” she highlights.

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