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When does a user pay attention to ads and how to maximize it?

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    Mediasmart Partners With Cedato

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on July 25, 2017

    The partnership will allow mediasmart to enhance delivery of its customers’ video ads across multiple device types - optimising their advertising yields and providing significantly higher fill rates, which is critical when delivering video ads programmatically.

    “We see more and more advertisers relying on video to communicate with their audience and demand for video on programmatic, and specifically on mobile devices, is increasing dramatically. Cedato’s innovative solution is critical to capitalizing on this opportunity, as it enables tracking and real time optimization of video delivery” - Noelia Amoedo,mediasmart’s CEO.

    Mediasmart Partners With Cedato

    “Video is becoming a key format for brands’ audience engagement. Our platform powers 15 billion video views across a two million sites and apps each month, and we’re thrilled to partner with mediasmart in enabling our mutual customers to easily scale their video operation.” - Dvir Doron, CMO of Cedato.

    With a wide range of parameters requiring consideration for video ad delivery, Cedato’s OS will allow mediasmart´s self-serve customers to automatically resolve compatibility and latency issues, while reducing abandoned impressions.

    Mediasmart customers using CEDATO´s SaaS tool can reduce advertiser costs significantly and access enhanced campaign capabilities, using mediasmart’s predictive targeting algorithm to optimize ad delivery across any placement on mobile.

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