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mediasmart and Navegg partner to offer to advertisers Navegg ID’s segmentation natively through first seem integration in the LATAM Region

Navegg and mediasmart, a unified programmatic platform, have announced a partnership to offer its clients more options in advanced targeting, the ...

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    mediasmart launches its new autoplay video format with Renault Capture

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on November 12, 2013

    The online advertising company mediasmart allows advertisers to buying audience in real time (RTB). mediasmart has launched the new system format with the latest Renault Capture campaign for mobile devices

    mediasmart, which specializes in the optimization of online mobile advertising campaigns, has just launched a new advertising format – Interstitial Video Autoplay – which maximizes not only the notoriety, but also the visualization ratio in video campaigns. Through this video format, the mediasmart technological platform can precisely measure how much of a video a user sees (beginning, middle or full video) and optimize the media buying in real time based on those results (look-alike).

    Renault, together with mediasmart and its media agency – OMD – has been the first advertiser to test the new format with their Renault Capture campaign.

    It is the first time in Spain that an autoplay mobile video format is used to optimize the campaign in real-time, improving results with with each viewing.

    The video plays automatically in an interstitial within mobile applications, and can be linked to a landing page with further information, if the advertiser chooses to do so. The format is currently available for iPhone and iPad, and will be shortly be also available also for Android.

    According to Nuria Alonso, Commercial Director at mediasmart, “With the new Interstitial Video Autoplay format, and through the mediasmart platform, we can provide our customers with a distinctive elementsome differential value, as they can measure and optimize a video format, which was traditionally not measured”.

    In OMD’s Tania Pérez Gacho’s words: “At OMD we have always looked for innovation for our customers, and with this campaign we have taken a step further in the combination of effectiveness and branding. For the first time in a video format, thanks to mediasmart’s technology, the campaign learns user behavior and optimizes in real time, targeting impacting more those users who are more likely to watch the video”.

    Thanks to this new format, agencies and advertisers can reuse ad videos developed for other channels, such as television or computer, and effectively reach their target mobile audience, measuring the effectiveness by means of the display ratio. Considering that as of January 2013 Spain is 8 points above the European average with 57% of users going online from their mobile phones (doubled since December 2011), it is obvious that it is a channel that agencies and advertisers cannot neglectignore.



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