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    Introducing mediasmart's external campaigns

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on January 20, 2020

    At mediasmart, we believe the ultimate way to identify advertising channels that may be generating good results purely by playing your attribution system, is to actually measure the results they provide when your ads are served, versus when they are not.

    Introducing External campaigns


    With mediasmart Ad Server for Efficiency you will not only be able to quickly identify fraudulent advertising channels, but in general, you'll be able to identify the incremental value that each of your digital advertising channels brings to your campaigns, allowing you to focus on what works for your business overall.



    How does it work? You will be able to create External campaigns;  choose App Promotion if you want to generate Ad Tags to run your App Promotion campaign or choose Proximity Campaigns if you want to generate Impression Pixels to count visits


    Run app promotion campaigns within our adserver and measure incrementality. Taking control of your tags will help you detect fraudster channels and inefficiencies

    How do we work with External campaigns?  We generate Ad Tags to run your App Promotion campaign. We use Placebo ads to measure incrementality with external App promotion campaigns.


    Run proximity campaigns within our adserver- both Geolocation campaigns and/or Drive to store campaigns.

    How do we work with External Proximity campaigns? We generate Impression Pixels to count visits.

    * Note: At the moment we can’t measure incrementality in External Proximity Campaigns, as we are not serving the actual ad yet .




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