Introducing Location Based Audiences

We welcome the new year, with new features!

Today we incorporate Location Based Audiences, more graphics to your premium dashboard - if you can believe it- and a new Partner joining us; Branch!

Keep reading us, there is A LOT more coming in the next weeks! 


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Location Based Audiences

 2019-01-22_1211We are excited to announce we now haveLocation Based Audiences!

With the help of our wizard, you will be able to create audiences based on where certain users are, to later retarget them elsewhere.

You would be able to create them from your main audiences menu on the left, and later used in a campaign in the targeting -> audiences section. 

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Yarilo Villanueva

Front End Developer -


New "Time to conversion Graphs"

in premium dashboard. 

For more information click to view the types of Dashboard and the type of graphs in each of them!


Gonzalo Moreno

Head of Client Tech Services -


New KPIs for Daystats and Reports

New KPI: Event Revenue, available in both Daystats and Reports. Drill down Variable available in Reports: Revenue Resource, Display Manager Version.

For more information click to view the KPIs in Daystatsand Reports


Sergio García

Front End Team Leader -


API: Drill-down variable label change

The label of one of our columns have been renamed to be more consistent with the platform. As we recommend to use keys instead of labels, this shouldn't affect API integrations.

But in case you have any automated integration using our reports in CSV format, instead of JSON, just keep in mind the previous column "Creative Name" now is named "Creative Name (historical)". The dictionary key continues being the same: "creativename".

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