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    Introducing Location Based Audiences

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on January 24, 2019

    mediasmart has launched Location Based Audiences (LBA). These, are created based on where users are, so that you can later retarget them elsewhere.

    You can use these audiences to target users whose historical location in the physical world tells you something about their interests.

    There are several things you have to keep in mind when using location based Audiences:


    • Check our one pager for Location Based Audiences

    • It is mandatory to add POIs (maximum 1000 metres radius) to the location audience. POIs can be added the same way as they are added to a geolist.  

    • You will be able to see the number of cumulative unique users within the audience. Users in an audience will expire 6 months after being created.

    • An audience can continue to be populated while at the same time it is targeted in a campaign, just like any regular audience. If you want to stop an audience from continuing to gather, just add an end date when you create it.

    • You can target users that visited different areas taking advantage of the business rules available in the targeting/audiences section.


    Do you want to know more about audiences? Follow this article to check everything related to Audiences within mediasmart, from uploading or creating your own audiences based on campaign interaction, to 3rd party audiences options, Time-based , Location-based audiences & much more! 

    If you are already a mediasmart customer, please access our Knowledge base to check everything related to Audiences within our console


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