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    Important additions to enhance UX

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    We have released our v1.1.0. console, with features that make user experience even more agile and intuitive, such as a Universal Finder. You will also see some visual changes, as well as some additions that are little in appearance but set the basis for bigger things to come in terms of customer support, for example “real time” changes. Finally, the transition between using the interface in desktop or in mobile devices has been improved also.

    Here we go into further details on the latest developments. More attractive UI and JS pixels With this new version we are going one step further in terms of user experience. The updated interface focuses our users on the content, adapting the header depending on the area and section to take less space on the screen and allow users to comfortably manage their campaigns. Campaign sections have been redistributed to a more efficient order, based on usage observed among our customers.

    Creatives shown within the Creatives area from the main left menu will now be shown in a complete view instead of the previos dialog, where they were shown in a separate window on top. This new view includes the possibility of duplicating any creative by clicking the “Clone creative” button located in the top-right part of the interface. Additionally, the new JS Impression Pixel field has been added for images, as customers sometimes need pixels to be javascript and not just a URL. This is useful as well if you measure viewability with Integral Ad Science, as you can do that now not only for Third Party Tags, but also for images.


    Universal finder

    The new Universal Finder located in the interface header allows to search for content in several main areas - Campaigns, Creatives, Organizations and Knowledge - presenting all the possible results and suggestions within a single search bar, all of them with their corresponding creation dates. Just scroll down to find what you are looking for without the need to move across sections through the menu. Useful, huh? :-)

    Universal finder

    Real-time changes and notifications

    Being fast always means being better. This latest release provides you more with control and information on your campaigns. The interface now allows you to see in real time who is currently connected in a given context or editing a particular item. Additionally, Native Push Notifications, which are integrated with your system and browser, will appear on the top-right part of your screen and will allow you to click on them to refocus the interface context, even when your browser is on the background. Notice that your browser will previously request your permission to show these Notifications from our application.

    Real-time changes and notifications

    Tickets and customer support

    With the goal of a better and faster communication with our support team regarding any Issue, Suggestion or Question you may have, our Tickets area has considerably been refined.

    Remember that tickets can be created directly from your account by clicking on the question mark icon placed in the bottom-right corner of the console. An automatic screenshot along with the description you provide will be sent to our support team at the time so they can identify the corresponding context involved and be more effective at solving the issue. You will be notified on a real time basis regarding any update of the ticket, as well as via email.

    Other Features Available in v1.1.0.

    These are other features included in the latest updates of our console:

    • Clarifying text when making control campaign inactive so that the option is clear that strategies can continue to run
    • Hide Menu by default in resolutions less than 1280
    • Added more sanity checks for tracking pixels and click commands
    • Bug fixes

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