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mediasmart and Navegg partner to offer to advertisers Navegg ID’s segmentation natively through first seem integration in the LATAM Region

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    Mediasmart and Ligatus partner

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on May 19, 2016

    Mediasmart Mobile – a mobile technology company whose DSP (Demand Side Platform) optimizes the media buying process to maximize engagement – has partnered with Ligatus, Europe’s leading Native and Performance Network, to allow its native advertising inventory to be available to buy programmatically.

    Delivering more than 31 billion ad impressions per month on over 1,200 premium sites, Ligatus native formats inventory is now available through mediasmart, mediasmart´s proprietary technology platform. Mediasmart´s customers can access it on a self-serve basis, either through mediasmart web interface or via mediasmart APIs.

    The agreement will help boost customer demand, and maximize user engagement and monetization capabilities for Ligatus inventory. It should also enable advertisers to maximize engagement and deliver the best possible results, using the combination of mediasmart´s predictive targeting algorithms and Ligatus’ hand-picked premium publishers (which are fraud-free and proven to deliver high conversion rates).

    Mediasmart’s mediasmart platform ran campaigns in 58 countries last year. This new global partnership will strengthen supply in Europe and is part of the company´s continuous efforts to add value through non-intrusive formats, as CEO, Noelia Amoedo explains:

    “Native formats provide a great deal of information about the product or service being advertised, and offer a more qualified interaction with a clear call to action. This far more effective format than display ads, maximizes conversion rates and engagement whilst improving the user experience in a non-intrusive way.”

    Programmatic demand for native ad formats has grown significantly recently. It is also understood that native formats are an effective way to address ad blocker challenges, because they are relevant, customized, non-invasive and part of the actual content.

    “Advertisers want to buy programmatically in native formats, so this is a promising growth market for Ligatus”, said Klaus Ludemann, CEO of Ligatus.

    “This agreement will allow us to reach new advertisers through mediasmart´s DSP and promote the buying process of this type of format in Europe, where demand is extremely high and we are receiving many requests. At the same time our publishers benefit from this increased demand by getting a better monetarisation of their inventory.”


    Ligatus is the #1 Native and Performance Network in Europe and a 100 percent subsidiary of the publisher Gruner + Jahr in Hamburg. Ligatus is focussing on Direct Response Campaigns and Content Promotion. Besides its headquarter in Germany the leading Premium Performance Marketing Vendor in Europe is active in Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Turkey. Across Europe, Ligatus has more than 150 employees at these locations.

    The innovative technology offers advertisers and agencies an intelligent placement of their advertising messages. The invoicing mode, which is exclusively success-dependent, allows optimum cost control. Premium publishers achieve an optimal monetization of their content thanks to the advertising formats of Ligatus. In addition, the specialized recommendation technologies enable them to increase their traffic significantly.

    Across Europe, Ligatus delivers more than 31 billion ad impressions per month on over 1,200 Premium partner sites in nine countries.

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